What about new homes and new subdivisions? 


Yes, we represent the Buyer as well! We will include new homes and new subdivisions in showings if you are interested in new-builds. Unlike some areas of the country where builders do not cooperate with realtors, in the Valley, builders seek our assistance since we sell 70% of their product. Many times incentives are offered to Realtors for their buyers.


The site salesperson represents the builder, so a Buyer should have representation.


The policy in Arizona is to have the Realtor present when viewing the new homes. It is tempting when first arriving in the Valley to cruise the new subdivisions. In order to have Buyer representation, nothing must be registered or signed without your realtor. If you are just looking, say so, and you may not be asked to register yourself. If asked, state that you are working with a realtor and will return with that Realtor if interested in that subdivision.


In the case of new homes, understand that the builder billboards many times state a price, i.e. $140s. It may have been put up at the opening of the subdivision and have appreciated since then. There are many options, such as a covered patio, a fireplace, upgrades that are in the models, and/or a lot premium. It goes up quickly from there.



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