In today’s world, a Home Search is an investment of time, emotional energy and money you will put into this project is just short of an act of bravery. Don’t be misled by the “ease” of online searching. Identifying the right home and neighborhood should include a more comprehensive approach than the last time you comparison-shopped a smartphone.

Direct, personal access to the MLS is how you will be able to search the same way we do. Being able to research and test data is the most surefire way for us to be on the same page, as allies.



  • Search engines like Zillow/Trulia or purchase data from a 3rd party company (ListHub) that contracts with hundreds of local MLS. Data is then syndicated and proves to bolster the profits of these sites by selling registrations as “leads” to REALTORS®.


  • Zillow Zestimates run margins of error up to 30% (12% avg).


  • Only Multiple Listing Services (MLS) house all listing information for your area. These databases are created and managed directly by subscribing agents (like us). Search straight from the MLS here on our map search.


  • Over 91% of home buyers engage and hire a REALTOR®. The internet doesn’t sell homes.


  • We are your first contact for anything you are interested in. Unless you want solicitations from alternate agents, reach out to me first for any info you need about anything!


  • New Construction: Sales offices require registration by anyone walking through models. Make sure to include my contact information on any forms completed.


And always remember…

Do not underestimate that buying a home is a largely emotional process. Often times you will want to intellectualize things that are better left to the heart and gut to decipher. When you find the right place it will “feel” like it, don’t let that feeling pass. And once you lock your perfect place down and the escrow period unfolds, there may be times where you feel uncertain or overwhelmed. That’s OK! We are here for you. Just remember that you should not allow anyone to have control or power over your decision making. Everyone you will talk to during this project, including us, comes into it with their own experiences, fear and ideas.


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