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Arcadia Real Estate


Arcadia is a neighborhood in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. It is bounded by 44th Street to 68th Street and Indian School to Camelback Road. With historical homes, large lot sizes and next to no new inventory, demand for Arcadia homes almost always exceeds supply. As more people relocate to Phoenix over time, the rarity of Arcadia homes will only deepen.

These conditions are the perfect recipe for climbing values. Homes that have an irreplaceable history and an enduring appeal will see this trend continue into the foreseeable future. For this reason, buying a home in Arcadia is like a brilliant long-term investment that will see marked increases in value year after year.

With a location seconds away from Scottsdale, 15 minutes from the airport and around 20 minutes to downtown Phoenix, Arcadia is almost literally in the middle of it all. You have instant access to Indian School Road and Camelback Road, both of which will take you quickly into the economic centers around Scottsdale and Phoenix. You can also easily reach Echo Canyon for an immersive romp in the natural Arizona landscape.

Despite this premium location, the large lot sizes and low density of Arcadia means that you can whisk yourself away from traffic and congestion when you come home. Enjoy peace and quiet without having to feel far away; Arcadia has the perfect balance.

History plays a large part of what makes Arcadia exceptional. The Arcadia neighborhood was developed in a time before modern subdivisions. Citrus orchards gave way to large plots of land several acres large. Pitching the area as a luxury retreat in a desert oasis, affluent residents flocked to live in Arcadia. Settlement happened slowly, too. The first homes were built in 1925, with many more being added over the years, especially in the fifties. As a result of the long history and gradual development, a huge variety of home styles were used. Arcadia architecture has since become famous for its variety. Spanish haciendas, Edwardian mansions, American Craftsmens, sprawling ranch style estates and more — the homes in Arcadia are a feast for the eyes. Driving through is like an architecture lesson and a history lesson in one, and it lends a unique atmosphere to residential life.